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Natural Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends - Diffuser Oil, Bath Oil... 

6 Perfectly Blended Essential Oils using 14 different essential oils. Tranquility, Energize, Restful, Rejuvenate, Massage, and Rekindle.

Tranquility Blend 

creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere that has been achieved by perfectly blending floral and woody aroma. This blend uses the power of scent to calm the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Energize Blend 

combines the happy, uplifting freshness of citrus essential oils together with the aromatherapeutic benefits of Cedarwood and Eucalyptus to form this unique feeling of sunshine in a bottle. This blend enhances positive mood, increases energy, and relieves fatigue.

Restful Blend 

is essential to those seeking to relieve tension and stress, soothe anxious feelings, and improve their mood. This blend helps to make you feel relaxed, clear the mind, and encourages the onset of quality sleep.

Rejuvenate Blend

has cleansing and purifying properties known to boost immunity, reduce anxiety, and relieve sleeplessness as well as congestion. With its clean refreshing powerful scent, it helps revive one’s well-being and feeling of youthfulness.

Massage Blend 

is a powerful blend specially created to combat fatigue, ease muscular aches and cramps, alleviate feelings of nervous tension and stress. With its strong fresh, medicated, penetrating eucalyptus-like scent it helps keep airways clear with the added benefit that it purifies the air.

Rekindle Blend 

has a strong sweet floral scent blended well with an uplifting citrus aroma. It has a relaxing effect calming anxiety and helps put some love in the air. Its fragrance evokes self-love, confidence, and happiness.


6 x 10ml each