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Natural Vegan Aromatherapy Candle

Handmade 100% Natural Soy Coconut Wax Candle Scented using only 100% Pure Essential Oils and Premium Quality Cotton Wick. Hand-poured in the UK.

Aromatic Scent & Benefit

A tranquil blend of Cedarwood, Frankincense and Lavender for a delicate, calming and relaxing sweet smell that is floral and woodsy at the same time.

- 100% Natural Blend of Soy & Coconut Wax

- Pure Essential Oil Blend

- Vegan Friendly

- Cruelty Free

- Sustainable Wax

- Outstanding scent throw

- Clean and Slow-burning

Care instructions

For the best results burn it for at least 2 hours to achieve an even pool of melted wax. Once the candle is finished you can wash the glass jar and re-use or recycle it.



Burn Time

Up to 40 hours